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Artist Midge (B. Mullally).

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I am a self-taught Cheshire based professional contemporary Artist & Arts & Crafts tutor who specialises in mixed media, painting and drawing.

From a very young age I could spend hours drawing and painting. My mother greatly encouraged my drawing skills from a young age.  My grandmother who was an accomplished artist in her own right, introduced me to oil painting at the age of 12 and taught me many skills and techniques that I have developed and adapted as I grew older.

As a young child I was always fascinated with nature (most especially the landscape) and would spend many hours drawing trees, plants, people and animals/insects. I can recall observing every detail of the work of the Old Masters, church statues and stained glass windows! This is where my love affair with colour, drawing and art began.

However, as life happened my career took me in other directions working as a Senior Software Engineer & Project Team Leader for nearly 20 years and even though I had a busy lifestyle as a single working mum for most of my adult years, I would still find time to draw, paint and craft. Art and crafting in all its forms has always given me immense satisfaction and enjoyment.

Given a change in my life circumstances in 2009 (i.e. a back injury & redundancy), I felt it was time to follow my heart and passion, so set up my own art business ACE (Artistic Creations & Exhibits) as a self-employed artist and am now working as a freelance contemporary artist & occasionally as a web designer supporting local artists or art groups, which enable me to share my enjoyment and skills of art, crafts & technology, whilst also teaching painting and drawing to others in the form of workshops and demonstrations in painting, drawing, crafting, calligraphy & illustration.

All the while, in between my schedule of workshops and demos, I love to travel and visit local sites of interest which help provide much inspiration for my work back in the studio where I work towards building a portfolio of work for exhibiting and selling.  My portfolio provides an eclectic mix of works in pastel, acrylics and mixed media, oil and watercolour. However as my career is progressing I becoming more focused by working on several series of works that celebrate the last 10 years as a working artist.

I have also grown to enjoy and experiment with crafting techniques and calligraphy. Although I don’t claim to be an expert in these areas I have over the years studied the many skills, practiced & experimented by creating many works such as cards, scrapbooks, and journals for friends and family. All of whom have been amazed with the quality of work and come back to ask for more! These experimentations and learning have enabled me to develop a comprehensive skill range in this area.

Occasionally I take up commissions and would be very interested in the challenge of community or other project work. My love of nature has also made me a keen gardener & photographer much of which forms inspiration for my work.

I hope you enjoy my portfolio which is updated from time to time and would be interested in any comments or feedback or let me know if you would like to see a painting exploring a particular technique or medium?!

Plein Air Painting in the Lakes 2007

Plein Air Painting in the Lakes 2007

You can keep up to date of up and coming workshops and other events such as exhibitions, plein air painting sessions and full and half day studio sessions. I also provide one-to-one sessions or private tuition upon request or by appointment.

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