Creating Art Journal Covers with Gelliplate Printing

On February 6

This workshop involved working with 50 students from Cloughwood Academy to create decorative artjournal covers as part of their Artmarks programme based on the theme of WWI.

In Memory of WWI - Artjournal Covers

In Memory of WWI – Artjournal Covers

Session lasted the whole day working with small groups of 10-12 in one hour sessions and catered for pupils from all year groups, some with learning difficulties. The workshop sessions included a demonstration using homemade 12 x 12″ Gelliplates to create decorative papers to cover the journals using stencils, found objects & acrylic paints followed by a short demo & intro into adding text using writing, stamping & rub-ons. Above are some examples of the covers created by the students during this workshop.

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