Experimentations with Acrylics

On February 20

Acrylic & Mixed Media on Watercolour Paper

This sample is from recent experimentations with Golden fluid acrylics, and gold interference medium. It was created fairly quickly using drawing with paint combined with overlaying and scrapping colours with brushes. After completing the colour mixes and whilst the paint is still wet a layer of gold acrylic and gold interference was scrapped over the mixed colour layer.  What I love most about this techique was the vibrancy of the acrylic colours partially concealed by the top layer of gold with just fragments of colour peeking through and the textured patterns made by the contours of the watercolour paper.

Pink Skies

Pink Skies - Acrylic & Pearlescent Medium

My experimentations continued however this time I focused on an analoguous colour range using purples and magenta with pearlescent medium built up in layers of brush strokes and scrapings.

Shine Thru

Shine Thru - Acrylics with Interference medium and Ink

Switching to a complimentary colour scheme and interference medium I started a new sample carefully layering and scraping on new layers of colours. Looking carefully at the resulting design for shapes and patterns I drew lines and scribed words using a gold gel pen.

By now I was  really warming up and getting into full swing and continued to finish a number of other samples … two of which are included below.

Vivid Visions

Vivid Visions - Acrylics with Gold Acrylic, Interference Gold and Pearlescent Medium

Into the Mood

Into the Mood - Acrylic with Interference Bronze Fine

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