From Sketch to Painting

On February 20
Field Mushrooms

Field Mushrooms Final Pen & Wash, 30 x 30 cm

Whilst out for a walk with the dog in our local nature reserve on what was quite a dull day I spotted a small clump of mushrooms and took a close up pic. In the dull light they had violet tones which interested me.  A few weeks later while flicking through some of my recent snaps I came across the picture and decided to do a quick sketch of it in pencil.

Mushroom Sketch

Field Mushroom Sketch, Pencil, 30 x 30 cm


The sketch turned out so nice I just had to have a go at painting it and decided to draw out the composition in ink on watercolour paper. As it was a dull day I kept the colours quite muted but wanted to add just a touch of brightness. I began to put in a background wash for the sky, masked and washed over the grass areas. Then working on one mushroom at a time starting with pale washes which I built up gradually. Finally I reinstated some of the line markings and hatching with pen and removed any masking.


So the next time you go for a walk take your camera then stop and take a few close up pics of things you find in your fields then go home and have a go at drawing or painting them!

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